Windows Agent

Agents not showing in Dashboard/Connection errors in logs

1. Smart Agent communicate via port 443 HTTPS:

1.1 If the session gets closed or denied check your firewall/router for port 443 rules and confirm that port 443 is open and you can access our servers via telnet.
1.2 Try to telnet to: (IP:, and (IP: on 443 for Monitis.
1.3 Try to telnet to: (IP: on 443 for Monitis (ver. 3.0 and below).

2. Check is there any proxy configured in Smart Agent or in your System/IE. Smart agent can be configured in two ways to work with proxy.

2.1 Auto-detect: use proxy settings of  your System/IE.
2.2 Manual configuration:   use settings directly defined in agent (Settings tab of Smart Agent Controller).

3. Only the Admin email address and Admin Sub-accounts can add Agents.
4. Is there any Antivirus on the machine? If so exclude the SmartAgent install folder from being scanned.
5. The Smart Agent by default runs as service under Local System account.

5.1 Try to restart smagent.exe service (Smart Agent) and start the agent.
5.2 Try to start the Smart Agent under “Administrator” account. Then restart the agent.


Enable Windows Agent detailed logging
  1. Stop and quit agent.
  2. Locate the following Registry Key:
    1. 32 Bit:   regedit->HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/SOFTWARE/SmartAgent/Settings.
    2.  64 bit:    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/SOFTWARE/Wow6432Node/SmartAgent/Settings
    3. In the registries list select “Trace” and change value to 10(decimal).
  3. Restart the agent.
  4. Wait 10 minutes, and/or for the issue to reproduce
  5. Locate the log files in the C:\ProgramData\SmartAgent\logs    folder.
    1. If you are running the agent as an admin account, the log files will be located:    <user account>\local settings\temp\
  6. Attach logs to email with problem description and send it to [email protected]
Note: Please include Agent name and OS version.

Agent Detailed Logging

  1. Open the Smart Agent Manager
  2. Enter the SETTINGS Tab
  3. Select “Enable Detailed Logging”
  4. Restart the Agent