Managing Server/Device Monitors

Editing a Server/Device Monitor

Click the icon on the top right corner of the monitor to open the context menu.Monitor_Settings

Note that the items in the context menu may vary depending on the type of the Server/Device monitor.

 Change View Type

 The default view for your monitor is Line Chart. You can switch it to Table view by clicking on the respective icon under View Type.Line_Chart_View_Table_View_

Export Monitor

 Click on the respective button under Export to for the below actions:

  • Export to PDF – to export the monitor data in PDF format
  • Export to CSV – to export the monitor data in CSV format
  • Print – to print the monitor
  • Send export to email – to export and send the monitor to an email address.


Set Maintenance Period

Maintenance feature allows you setting a maintenance period (typically during server maintenance time) during which you will not be receiving any alerts, and you may also choose to exclude maintenance period monitoring data from your monitor’s charts and tables (see Setting Maintenance Period).

To set or change maintenance period for your monitor click Maintenance.

Add or Manage Alert Rules

To add or manage alert rules for your monitor click Alert Rules (see Adding Alert Rules and Managing Alert Rules).

Change Your Monitor Settings

To change your monitor settings, click Settings.

A window will open when you can edit your monitor’s settings, as per the below brought example for CPU monitor.

Under the General tab, change the Monitor name if needed.

Change the group this monitor belongs to under Monitor group if needed.

Change the thresholds if needed (Free Memory in this example of Memory monitor).

Click OK to save your changes, or Cancel if you don’t want them to be applied.

Share Monitor

You can share your monitor to display it on any website.

Click Share Module.

The Share Module tab in the Settings window will open.

Click on the Share Module on the top of the window to enable sharing of your monitor.



Select the size of your monitor from the Module Size combo box. You can select from the predefined Large and Small options, or select Custom to define custom size for your monitor module.

Note: a limitation of minimum width of 500px and minimum height of 350px applies.

Under the Date range select the time period for the monitor (up to 30 days).

Check the Enable date range selection checkbox if you want your shared monitor to allow changing time period.

Check the Enable chart manipulation checkbox if you want your shared monitor to allow selecting different chart views on the shared module (table, line or scatter).

Below is the code to be embedded. Copy and paste it into the code of your page.

Click Preview to preview your shared module.

Click Close when done.

To unshare the module click Unshare Module.

Delete Monitor

You can delete a monitor if you no longer need it.

To delete a monitor, click Delete.

Keep in mind that this action will permanently delete this monitor and all associated data and monitoring will be stopped.


Minimize/Maximize or Hide Monitor

Click Minimize, Maximize or Hide to minimize, maximize or hide a monitor.

You can also use the maximize/minimize icon on the top left corner of the monitor.Minimize_Miximize_

Using Monitor List

Using Monitor List you can manage multiple Server/Device monitors in bulk, to apply the below actions to all monitors that you have selected:

Delete monitors

  • Add monitors to tab
  • Configure Alert Rules


Go to the Monitors menu and select Monitor List.

The List of Monitors window will open.

Select Server/Device on the left pane.

Select the monitors you want by checking the boxes next to them.

Select the action to apply from the Actions drop-down list (Delete, Add to tab or Alert Rules).

If you select Alert Rules, the New Alert Rule window will open.


Configure the Alert Rule and click Add Rule when done. The Alert Rule will apply to all monitors that you have selected.

Note: bulk adding of Alert Rules is not available for Disk I/O, Service and Bandwidth monitors. If you select any of these monitors, the Add Alert Rule item will not be available under the Actions drop-down list.

Move Monitors

You can move monitors to some other place on the same tab. Simply drag & drop the monitor to the new location.