Check Frequency in Server-Device Monitors

By default, check frequency for Server-Device monitors is set to 5 minutes.

However, you can upgrade your Server-Device monitors so that they run at 1 minute check frequency.

Upgrading Check Frequency of Server-Device Monitors

Open the Upgrade Form by clicking the Upgrade button on the side bar.


Alternatively, you can open it from your account menu.


In the Upgrade Form, under Servers select 1 min from the combo box.


Changing Check Frequency in Monitors

After you have upgraded to 1 minute frequency you can switch check frequencies of your Server-Device monitors between 1 and 5 minute at any time.

To do this, you will need to change check frequency of the agent that the monitors are running on.

Go to Monitors -> Agent List.


Open the context menu of the agent that you want to change the check frequency for and click Check Interval.

In the Change Check Interval pop-up select “1 minute”.


Once you adjust the check interval, all the Server-Device monitors that are associated with this agent will start running checks with 1 minute frequency.

Change frequency of Application monitors running on the same agent will not be affected: they will continue to run on 5 minute frequency.

You can also bulk edit check frequency for more than one agent. Select the agents and click the Check Interval button.


Important: You can only change check frequency of a running agent. If there are stopped agents among your selection, the new check frequency will be applied only to running ones.