Adding Multiple Server-Device and Application Monitors for the Same Agent

You can add more Server-Device and Application Monitors for the same Monitis Agent in the Add Server/Device Monitor – Step 1 window by clicking the “+” icon next to Add More Monitors and selecting the monitor you want to add.Add_Memory_Monitor_setp_2_Windows

The added Server-Device or Application Monitors will be using common Monitis Agent. The monitors will be created in bulk in your Monitis account, one per each type added as soon as you finish the setup.

All the added monitors will appear in the same setup window. Scroll up or down to see them if needed.

After you have added and configured all your Server-Device or Application monitors, click Add.

Your newly created Server-Device and Application Monitors will appear in your Monitis Dashboard. Wait until they will load their first data.

To manage any of your monitors, click on the icon in the top right corner of the monitor to open the context menu.

See Managing Server/Device Monitors for detailed instructions on how to manage your uptime monitors.