Server/Device Monitoring

Monitis Server/Device Monitors are different from in-house monitoring.  Monitis alerts even if your entire network has failed!


  • Windows – CPU, Memory , Disk Usage, Processes, System Events
  • Linux – CPU, Memory, Disk Usage, Processes, Load Averages
  • SNMP Support – MIB browser, OID monitoring

Monitis Monitoring Agent WhitePaper v1.2.pdf

What Can You Monitor.

With Monitis Server/Device monitoring you can monitor performance of machines in your local network, including CPU, memory and drive utilization, bandwidth consumed by your network interfaces, disk I/O operations, resource consumption by different system processes, status of services running on your machine or occurrence of system events, as well as monitor your online applications from your local network using HTTP, HTTPS and PING monitors.


All you need to do is download and install Monitis Smart Agent for Linux or Windows , then add Server/Device monitors to your Agent and they will start loading automatically monitoring data for you on your Monitis dashboard.


You can then configure Alert Rules, to be automatically notified whenever your set threshold is crossed by a monitored metric (see Adding Alert Rules and Managing Alert Rules).


Monitis Server/Device Monitoring Highlights:


  • Native agent for Windows, Linux.
  • Computer resource utilization monitoring (CPU, RAM, Storage, Network)
  • SNMP monitors v1,v2,v3
  • Telnet checks
  • Internal http check for intranet and extranet applications
  • Office and cross-office WAN connectivity checks
  • Expandable with custom scripts
  • System events monitoring