Traceroute Report

Understanding your Traceroute Report

The traceroute report is a network command that is run from our server location if you are experience routing problems. It traces the “hops” between our server to the client’s web server. For each hop, the traceroute will diagnose where the problem is.

Note: The traceroute reports are only visible during times of notification failures and delivered through the email notification containing the monitor reporting the failure

Service: PING
Name: msn.com_1
Tag: Default
Date/Time: 5-6-2013 10:51:53 (GMT – 5)
Additional Information: 5 packets transmitted, 5 packet loss, time average 0.000000 ms.
Failures From: US-MID, US-EST, US-WST
Please find below a link to traceroute report to your website or server from Monitis global location that detected a failure.

You can always switch off this option from the Options dialog of the Account menu.

Typical Monitis Traceroute Report Example: