Monitis provides a variety of valuable reports that you can use to view and analyze your website or server performance:

  • Performance Report – provides last 24 hour uptime and average response time data for your Uptime monitors.
  • SLA Reports – provide last 24 hours, 7 days and 30 days uptime and average response data against the SLA thresholds for these metrics that you have set in your Uptime, Transaction and Full Page Load monitors.
  • Custom Reports – build reports more customized to your needs for your Uptime, Transaction, Full Page Load and Server-Device monitors: select monitors or monitor groups you want, set custom date periods, set SLA thresholds right from monitor settings, etc.
  • Outage Reports – provides data about outages in your Uptime monitors for your selected predefined or custom time period.
  • Email Reports – configure email report for any monitors or monitor groups for your Uptime, Transaction, Full Page Load and Server-Device monitors to be emailed to you daily, weekly or monthly.
  • Just select the monitors, periodicity of your email reports, the contacts to receive the email reports and run your email reports. You can also choose to edit and run your email reports on ad hoc basis at any time, so that you receive them instantly in your mailbox.
  • Export reports – easily export your reports in csv or pdf format.
  • Share a report – easily share custom uptime reports via public link.