The Red Dots !

So you have a few Red Dots (Outages)…?   Here are a few tips to help trouble shoot!


1.  If using Uptime Monitors, first be sure that your gateway is not blocking our connection.  

    • Our IP’s
    • Is your Hosting company blocking our connection?
    • Due to the high frequency of our monitoring, is this causing your gateway to view our monitoring as malicious?

2.  I have an alert that my site is down but I can browse to it just fine! ! !(False Alerts)

    • If your site is down from only 1 location, it could simply be network noise from that 1 location.
      •  It is suggested to use multiple locations, and require multiple locations to trigger an alert.
    • Enabling Trace Routes will allow you to inspect the “hop” and where a problem might be happening.
    • For details on your error, please check your email alert for the specific HTTP code that has been returned.

3.  My site is down with a 403 Forbidden (I wanted to test your system), but Monitis shows that it is up.

    • HTTP code 403 Forbidden IS a server/gateway response.  It is simply not the response you want.
    • To avoid 403 Forbidden reporting as OK, please enable Content Matching on your monitor to ensure text is present.