– How to share graphs or modules?

Share any monitor out of your dashboard with a few lines of javascript code and embed it into your own website

– How to share entire page from dashboard?

Share Page: Share a whole page out of your dashboard, host it under your own domain name and replace the displayed logo with your corporate logo.
To start sharing pages go to the left side toolbar on your dashboard and click on the icon “share page”.

– How to see overview status of monitors?

Group View: See the status of a monitor group at a glance with a simple indicator displaying green for ‚All OK‘ or red if at least one monitor is currently failing

– What If someone else needs access to the dashboard?

SubAccounts: Create SubAccounts for coworkers or clients, assign them their own credentials and permissions like Admin (Full Access), Viewer (Read Only access on the whole dashboard) or Restricted Viewer (Read Only access on selected monitor groups)

– Do you offer Mobile applications?

Smartphone Applications: Receive notifications on your Android or iOS Smartphone and check how your site or server is performing when you are not in the office

– Do you offer form authentication and web navigations?

Transaction monitor: Record a process on your website like a login, an evaluation of a service or a purchase process on your web shop and monitor that process from different locations up to every 5 minutes