Viewing Transaction Monitors

The opened view shows the execution time of the appropriate test per specified interval. Suggested two views of data display are table view and line chart display. The red point inside the line chart shows if any execution has failed for a given time.

Line Chart View

Table View

The view shows the text execution time per specified interval. Two data views display the table view and line chart.


The red dot within the line chart shows any execution that failed for a given time.Click red points on line chart, to view the list of steps with the corresponding execution times displayed on a bar graph.


A red bar on the graph indicates a failed step. To see the error, detailed net diagnostic, and the screenshot for the failed step, click on the red bar.

You will then be able to view the details of the failure which include:   Screen Capture,  Net view of the page (water fall view), and the Error description from the failure.

Screen Capture

TM_Capture_Net View