Custom Location for Transaction Monitor

By creating a custom location you can perform transaction monitoring (see Transaction Monitoring) from your own servers.

A custom location for transaction monitoring is a combination of Smart Agent and a web browser installed on the same server.

Only one custom location per Agent is allowed.
Currently, custom transaction location is supported only for Mozilla Firefox browser.


The following requirements apply:

  • Java – v 7 or higher
  • Mozilla Firefox – only v 46 is currently supported
  • Monitis Windows agent – 4.1.66 or higher / Monitis Linux agent 4.01.45 or higher
  • You need to make java command available from any directory on your machine. Please refer to this Oracle documentation  for setting JAVA_HOME environment variable on Linux and Windows.

Avoiding Possible Server Overload

Executing each transaction script requires server resources, as it launches the browser and performs the actions coded in the script. Depending on the script execution time and the number of scripts running concurrently on the same Smart Agent, altogether it can generate significant load on your server. So be careful and do not overload your Agent with too many transaction scripts running on the same custom location.

Creating a Custom Location

To create a custom transaction location, in the Add Transaction Monitor wizard click the Custom tab.


Click the Add Location button.

In case you do not have any Smart Agent installed, you will be prompted to download and install one.


Click Download Agent and follow the instructions under Install Windows Agent or Install Linux Agent to download, install and run the agent.

In case you have at least one running Agent in your account satisfying the version requirement (see Requirements  above) that is not yet used for running a custom transaction location (see the note below in this section) you will be taken forward to the Add Custom Transaction Location window.


Under Location Name enter a name for the location (required).

In the combo box select the Agent from the list of your currently running Agents that are not using custom transaction locations (required).

Note that agents below the minimum version required will not be shown in the list.

If you need a new Agent, click Download New Agent.

Click the refresh button in order for newly downloaded Agent(s) to appear in the list.

Under Browser full path enter the full path to the Mozilla Firefox browser on your server (required).

Important: In order for the Smart Agent to be able to locate your Mozilla Firefox browser, you need to specify the full path to it including the executable file.

The exact installation directories for both Windows and Linux OS depend on the system and used installation method (package management or manual installation).

A typical path for Windows would look something like:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Mozilla Firefox\firefox.exe

For Linux a typical path would look something like:


You can click the Test button to test the custom transaction location you are creating.


The browser path that you’ve provided will be tested and a sample script will be run to check whether the server has all the necessary components for running transaction scripts. If the test is not successful you will be shown an error message detailing the problem (wrong path, JAVA missing, etc). If the test completes successfully, you will be shown a success message.


Click Add to finish creating the new custom transaction location.

The newly created custom location will appear in the list.

Your monitor will start running transaction tests from the new custom location and report the results.


IMPORTANT: You need to keep in mind that all the custom locations that you create for a monitor are available to use for all monitors, accessible both in the Add Transaction Monitor wizard and from the monitor settings (see Managing Custom Transaction Locations). Deleting a custom location therefore will result in loss of data and monitoring stop from that location for the monitors that use it.

Note: If none of your installed Agents satisfying the version requirement are currently running, when trying to add a custom transaction location you will be shown the following message:


In case you have custom transaction locations already set up on all your currently running Agents satisfying the version requirement, you will be shown the following message:


Managing Custom Transaction Locations

All the custom transaction locations that you create are available to use for all your transaction monitors, accessible in the monitor settings and in the Add Transaction Monitor wizard when adding a new transaction monitor.


As soon as you have at least one custom transaction location created, the Add Location link will change to Manage Custom Locations.

Click the Manage Custom Locations link.

The Manage Custom Transaction Locations window will open.


To add a new custom location click Add Location.

To delete or edit a custom location open the context menu next to it.


Click Delete to delete a custom location.

If the custom location is in use by some monitor(s) you will see a warning message.


Click Yes to confirm deleting this custom location, otherwise click No.

Click Edit in the context menu to edit the custom location.


You can change the location’s name and the browser path.

Click Save to save your changes.