Transaction Monitoring

The Monitis Transaction Monitoring (TM) enables you to record interactions with a web-based application, step-by-step and to store them as a script file. To precisely pinpoint the interactions, you can playback the recording repeatedly in the TM Recorder and edit any steps that require revision. See Installing the TM Recorder and Recording New Transaction Script chapters for more details. After the recorded script is finalized, it is uploaded to the Monitis Cloud, installed on the global monitoring network as a transaction monitor (test) and, at specified intervals, played back. On installing the transaction monitor, you can choose playback intervals of:

• An hour

• Half an hour

• Fifteen minutes

• Five minutes.

When the test results become available, you can view the gathered data on a transaction monitor’s module on graphical or tabular display (in the Monitis dashboard). The graphical display shows the monitoring results per check; while the tabular display shows a list of gathered data. Both displays clearly indicate if any check has failed. For more information about failed checks and to find out exactly what went wrong, double-click the failed check and view critical information from the pop-up window. Different screenshots are also available for more detailed scrutiny. See Viewing Transaction Monitors from the dashboard for more details.

  •  Monitis Transaction Recorder – record your web application flow
  • Load time of each component of the page – check load time of each component of your web application
  • Detailed troubleshooting – drill down multiple layers to find the root cause or component of the problem
  • Multi-step support – multi-step application flow support
  • Problem alerts specifying failed step – get immediate alerts specifying the step of your transaction where failure occurred
Frequently asked questions
  1.  Will the transaction monitor work with Flash: No
  2. Can the test be created in Google Chrome instead of Firefox: Yes. You can choose browser from monitor settings.
  3. Is the transaction cost based on the amount of steps/clicks in the test: No. its a set price so if you have 3 to 30 steps the cost is the same.
  4. Can I add a Full Page Load results to the test: Yes. Contact our support team and this will be done on the back end.