Real User Monitoring (RUM)

About Monitis Real User Monitoring

Real User Monitoring (RUM), also called passive monitoring, collects data from actual users to give you insight into the performance of your website.

Monitis Real User Monitoring allows you to monitor real user interaction with your website to determine if the users access different pages on your website quickly and without errors and to identify and troubleshoot performance problems.

Once configured, Real User Monitoring starts collecting user data about your website page views and load time (how long it takes your pages to load) and where the time is spent, starting from the moment the user enters the page address or clicks the link until the web page has completely loaded and rendered to the user.

To give you more insight into your end user experience, page views and load time are further broken down by browser, platform and geographical location so that you see how your website really performs from a specific web browser, OS or country.

Real User Monitoring can be very helpful in troubleshooting performance problems once they have occurred, because it relies on real user data to provide you your website usage statistics.Using your website real user performance data will help you greatly investigating issues both at the page and network element levels, in order to quickly identify where the problems slowing down your user experience lie.

Note: Monitis RUM collects full performance data for most browsers – Chrome 6+, Firefox 7+, IE 9+, Android Browser 4+, Opera 15+, IE mobile 10+, Blackberry Browser and browsers based on Chrome and Firefox. For other browsers (Safari) and not supported browser versions we are able to provide page view data but only partial data for page load time.

Comparison to Other Web Analytics Tools

In comparison to other web analytics tools like Google Analytics, Monitis Real User Monitoring is much more focused on your website performance and thus more handy when it comes to quickly checking how your website is performing in terms of traffic driven, how much time it takes the pages to load and the time spent in frontend, backend and network processing. In this sense, Monitis RUM also serves as a valuable complement to other web analytics tools that you might be using.


Use with Other Monitis Tools

Monitis Real User Monitoring is a valuable tool to use not only as standalone product, but also when used with other Monitis monitoring tools, as per the examples described below:

  • If you see a significant decrease in traffic (page views) for your website in your RUM monitor, Monitis Uptime Monitoring will help you understand if this is due to your website’s frequent outages.
  • If you see a significant increase in page load time in your Monitis RUM, Monitis Transaction Monitoring will help you identify where the problem lies. You can record different user interaction scenarios and check load time of each component of your web application, including page elements and drill down multiple layers to find the root cause or component of the problem.
  • If you see a significant increase in page load time in your Monitis RUM, Monitis Full Page Load Monitoring will provide you with additional detailed data about how long it takes for the users to connect to your site, the start and finish time of the load of the each item on the page so that you can see which of the page elements takes the longest to load.
  • If you see in your RUM a significant increase in load time due to backend, frontend or network processing of your website, you can use Monitis Server-Device monitoring tools (like CPU, Bandwidth, Memory, Drive and other monitors) to figure out possible problems with your server.