Browser Support in Full Page Load and Synthetic Transaction Monitoring

You can choose the browser to run the synthetic transaction tests from. Currently, we support Firefox and Chrome.

In the Add Transaction Monitor wizard, select browser from the combo box.

You can change the browser selection from your monitor’s settings at any time.


Note: currently not all locations are supported for Chrome. We are working continuously to add more locations to the list.


Naming of Request Phases in the Net View

Request phases in the Net View of Full Page Load (FPL) and Transaction monitors that show the page timing attributes with their start time and duration are named as they are shown in Firefox Firebug. Originally FPL and Transaction monitoring was available only with Firefox, thus the naming was done so to make it easier for you to match the same request phases in the Firebug.

FPL and Transaction monitoring is now available also with Chrome, but the naming of request phases is kept the same (matching Firebug) so that if you already got used to them you keep identifying them easily.

If you are using Chrome for FPL monitoring you may notice therefore that naming of the request phases does not match that of the Chrome console.