Data Aggregation in Monitors

The default aggregation method for all metrics in monitors is Average: you can change it at any time from the monitor’s settings (see Changing Data Aggregation Method).

To select the time range to show data for click the date picker in the monitor module.

You will see some predefined time ranges:

  • Today – data will not be aggregated.
  • 24 hours – data will not be aggregated.
  • 3 days – data will be aggregated hourly.
  • 7 days – data will be aggregated hourly.
  • 30 days – data will be aggregated daily.

You can also select a specific date or a custom time range:

  • Specific date – data will not be aggregated.
  • Date Range – if you want data in your chosen date range to be aggregated, select Daily or Hourly from the Aggregation combo box under the calendar control.   
Note: raw (not aggregated) data is available only for a period of up to 4 days. For longer period only daily aggregated data is available.


Changing Data Aggregation Method

To change aggregation methods for monitor’s metrics, go to Settings.

Select the Aggregation Methods tab.

Change the aggregation method for the metrics you want and press Save.

Note: currently custom date range selection and changing of aggregation methods for monitor metrics is not supported for the below listed monitor types:

  • Uptime
  • Full Page Load
  • Transaction