Sub Accounts

Monitis sub accounts provide you the capability to flexibly manage user access to your account, enabling only the level of access necessary for the user to fulfill their job function.

The sub accounting system has 3 types of roles:

  • Admin – The Admin role provides full access to the dashboard but doesn’t have authorization to terminate the account.
  • Operations Admin – the Operations Admin role provides the same access level as Admin but without permission to manage and view Billing information (credit card details, plan details and invoices).
  • Viewer – The Viewer role provides read-only access to data for all monitor groups.
  • Custom – The Custom role provides read-only or edit access to data for selected monitor groups. In order to facilitate addition of a new Custom role, which is granted for the selected monitor groups, the Group Management view is accessible right from the New Role window so that monitors can be easily assigned and removed to/from monitor groups (see further in this document).

Creating a sub account

To create a sub account, you should login to the Monitis dashboard as the account owner (defined as the email address signed up to Monitis service).

Click your email address in the top right corner.

Select Manage Sub Accounts.

The Manage Sub Accounts window will open showing the list of your existing sub accounts.


To create new sub account, click “New Sub Account”.

The New Sub Account wizard will open.


Enter the first name, last name and email address for the sub account and provide password.

Click Next.

You will be taken to the Access Role screen.

You can select either one of the predefined roles (Admin or Viewer), or create a new custom role.

To create a new custom role select Custom and press the Create New button.
The Custom Role window will open.


Enter a name for the new role and select the groups of monitors that the sub account will have access to.

Note: If you need to review or reorganize monitor groups before granting access to them for a sub account you can do so by pressing the Monitor Groups link to go to the Monitor Group Management view.


You can select either of the two permissions for the custom role:

  • Read-only access
  • Edit access

The read-only access allows viewing of all data for the selected monitors.

Select Edit if you want to grant edit access to this custom role.

The edit access allows the following permissions:

  • Add/ Delete monitors
  • Manage monitor settings
  • Manage maintenance periods


Check the corresponding boxes under the Edit access radio button to enable the permissions you want.

Click OK.

The newly created custom role will be added in the list in the New Sub Account window.

You can select any of the roles in the list for the sub account.

Click OK to finish creating the subaccount. It will now appear in the list of your subaccounts.


To edit or delete a subaccount click the icon in the rightmost column to open the context menu.