Share Module

“Share Module” represents possibility to share the desired monitor data on external resources, e.g. on user’s own web page. To do that the User needs to click on “Share Module” link from context menu of a particular monitor (Share modules are supported for Uptime, Server/Device, Transaction, Full Page Load monitors.  We also support Snapshot modules for Transaction and Full Page Load

Share Module

First the User need to Enable Module Sharing by clicking on the corresponding link.

Enable Module Sharing

Then the user can specify the module size (This will reflect how it will look on the web page). The User also can to specify reporting period time range, which will be reflected in shared module’s chart.

Select module size

The below code could be embedded into any web page to display the module. User can preview its appearance by clicking on a “Preview” link.

Preview shared module

By selecting advanced options “Enable Date Range Selection” and “Enable Chart Manipulation” the User enables data and chart type change controls in the embedded module (See illustrations below).

The Embedded module with this option checked above allows changing of the date range.


The Embedded module with this option checked above allows changing of the chart type.

Public Key and Security

When a user selects to enable module sharing, we generate a Public Key which gives read-only access to the data of this particular module. This is done intentionally to not compromise other parts of users monitoring.


Sharing Termination

For termination the sharing the User needs to access the module’s “Shared Module” settings and click on “Disable Module Sharing”.


Thus the Public Key is invalidated and the sharing is terminated.


Sharing Termination

The User should be aware (the warning appears when clicking on disabling sharing module) that if he wants to enable sharing again he needs to update the previously embedded code accordingly (with new generated Public Key).

Shared Items View

The User can manage all the shared items (modules and tabs) from “Shared Items” window (Tools-> Shared Items)



The shared modules are accessible under “Shared Modules” tab.

From the list item context menu the User can unshare the module or enter the module “Share Module” settings dialog.