Using the Options menu item you can change the “From” address in your alerts, as well as enable receiving trace route reports along with problem alerts via email whenever your external (Uptime, Transaction and Full-Page Load) monitor fails.  Trace route report will help you to quickly identify where the issue lies within your website or the Internet (routing, etc.).

Go the Tools menu and select Options.Options in Tools menu

The Options window will open. Click on the Monitors tab.
Options window
Options window - Monitors tab

Enter the name that you want to be shown in the “From” field in your alerts (the default option is “[email protected]”).

Check the Include trace route report in external check failure email alert checkbox if you want to receive trace route reports. The Trace Route window will open. Note that the option requires a one-off payment per account in order to be activated.
Enable TraceRoute

Select your payment method (credit card or PayPal) by clicking the respective radio button and click Pay.

– If you have selected Credit Card as your payment method, your payment will be charged automatically from your credit card via Stripe payment gateway. You will receive a confirmation email if charge is successful.

If you do not have credit card added yet, click Add Card to add it.
Profile Payment Method

Fill in your credit card data and click Save.

– If you have selected PayPal, you will be redirected to a payment gateway in a few seconds, where you can complete your payment.