Global View

Monitor Global View allows you to see all or selected groups of monitors. The view serves as a cross-group snapshot and has two sub-views.
For opening Global View go to Monitis dashboard menu/Status Views/Global View. The view opens in the new TAB.

First sub-view (Groups Snapshot Sub-view) shows monitor groups with corresponding health statuses shown as small squares. If any monitor in a group fails, the corresponding square is marked red, if all monitors in the group are OK, than corresponding square is marked green.


Clicking on any group name opens the second sub-view (Monitors Listed sub-view) which host a list of monitors included in that particular group and their latest statuses.


Clicking on any monitor name will open a popup window with this monitor’s data (as displayed on monitor’s module). Clicking on tab icon (on left of monitor’s name) forwards to the tab where the monitor is hosted. If monitor is not placed on any tab than the tab shortcut icon would be disabled.

Once a monitor is added to a group, it will be automatically added to the Global View without any additional actions from a user. It takes up to 5 minutes for newly added monitor to be reflected in the Global View under that group.
By default all groups are included in the Global View. The user can uncheck groups that should be excluded from the Global View. By default a newly created group is also shown in Global View.


The Global View can be shared as well as any other tab.


The only limitation is “Go to Tab” button in second subview.