SQL Query Result Monitor

The SQL Query Result monitor runs automatically an SQL select query at predefined time intervals, retrieving up to 20 latest results of the query output at each check and displaying them in a convenient tabular and graphical format to allow you analyzing your business transactions.

This monitor is most useful if you have a database in which you would like to monitor the changing values of some critical item(s). Using the SQL Query Result monitor, not only you can watch changes in values of the selected items in your database, but you can also set up alert rules to be alerted when the value of any of them crosses a predefined threshold.

You can also put this info on your webpage via Monitis Shared Module feature (see Share Module). Just write the required SQL queries, create the monitor and put the shared monitor info in your reporting page.

JAVA Requirements

Java v 7 or higher.

Supported RDBMS

Currently, the following RDBMS are supported by the SQL Query Result monitor:

  • Oracle
  • MS SQL Server
  • MySQL