Configuring Auto-forwarding to [email protected] in Exchange 2007

In Exchange 2007 it’s not possible to setup auto-forwarding to only forward emails received from a particular email address.

If you set up auto-forwarding in Exchange 2007 therefore, emails received from any email address will be forwarded to your provided email address.

Taking this into account, please note that you should create a separate test user in Exchange specifically to receive emails only from [email protected] and forward them back to it.

Step 1. Create a new mailbox in MS Exchange 2007 Management Console to receive emails from [email protected].

Select Action -> New Mailbox.

The New Mailbox window will open.

Select User Mailbox and click Next.3

Fill-in data for the new user. Here we have created a new user with name “ert”.

Click Next.4

Enter alias for the mailbox user, select the mailbox location and policy settings. Here we have created a mailbox with the “ert” alias.

Click Next.5

Click New.6

Click Finish to finish creating the mailbox.

Step 2: Create a new MS Exchange contact with [email protected] email address.

Select Recipient Configuration and then New Mail Contact.

The New Mail Contact window will open.8

Select New Contact and click Next.

Fill-in the new contact data. Here we have created a new contact with the name “ert_monitoring” and alias “ert.monitis”.

Under the External email address enter: [email protected].

Click Next.

Click New.11

Click Finish.

Step 3. Configure the new MS Exchange mailbox to forward all emails to the new contact.

Right-click on the mailbox you have created to open Properties.12

Under Mail Flow Settings select Delivery Options.

Check Forward to and click Browse.14

Under the Select Recipient select the contact that you have created (“ert_monitoring” in our example).

Click OK.

Back in Delivery Options click OK.

Setup is finished. All the emails sent to the new MS Exchange user you have created will be forwarded to [email protected].