Setting up Push Notifications for iOS

Enabling Push Notifications in the iOS

Open the app on your device.

The first time you run Monitis mobile application, a standard iOS dialog window will appear asking whether you want to receive push notifications via this app.

Tap the OK button.

Note: If you choose Don’t Allow you can enable push notifications at any time later from iOS by going to Settings -> Notifications (shown below is iOS 8 screen).

Find the Monitis app in the list and tap on it.


Notification settings for the Monitis app will open.

Toggle on Allow Notifications.

Sign-out and sign-in to Monitis mobile application in order for the changes to take effect.

For as long as push notifications for the Monitis app are not enabled in iOS you will see the below shown warning message in the Push Alerts view (see Viewing Alerts).

Setting up Push Notifications in the Monitis app

Sign-in to the app using your Monitis account username and password.IMG_6790

You will be taken to the mobile app home screen (Failed Monitors view).

If you do not have push notifications contact set up for this device

You will be shown a screen prompting you to set up push notifications contact.

If You Choose “Not Now”

Tap “Not Now” if you want to set up push notifications later. The pop-up will close and you can set up push alerts at any time later from the Push Alerts tab.

Tap the menu icon in the top right corner to open the main menu.

As long as you do not have a push alert contact set up for this device a warning icon will be shown next to the Push Alerts item.
To add push contact, tap on the Push Alerts. The Push Contact Setup screen will open.

Tap on the Add Contact to create the push contact.

If You Choose “Yes”

If you tap “Yes” when prompted to create push alert contact, it will be added in your Monitis account right away.

Note: If you login to the desktop version of your Monitis dashboard from a workstation you will be able to see it in the list of your contacts.


As soon as your device is successfully added as a new push contact, you will see a confirmation message on the screen.IMG_6797
If You Have “Send to All Contacts” Alert Rules in Your Account

The “Send to All Contacts” alert rule, if added to a monitor, will trigger alerts not only to all contacts available in your account at the time of adding the rule, but also to all new contacts that you add.

Send to all contacts” alert rules if enabled in your account, when triggered will send alerts to the push contact that you have just created for your device.

If you have “Send to all contacts” alert rule(s) in your account, they will be listed under the confirmation message on the screen as soon as the contact is added.

To manage alert rules login to the desktop version of Monitis.

Tap Got It to close the screen.

If You Do Not Have “Send to All Contacts” Alert Rules in Your Account

If you do not have “Send to All Contacts” alert rule(s) in your account you will be shown a message prompting you to add alert rules for this contact using desktop version of Monitis in order to start receiving alerts on this device.

Note: unlike previous versions of the app, in version 3.0 no alert rule is created by default for push contact. For as long as you do not have any alert rule assigned to the push contact, the Push Alerts menu item will show the warning icon on it. 


If you have push contact set up for this device

If you have alert rules set up for this contact, the Push Alerts view will show your received push alerts.IMG_6808

If you do not have any alert rules set up for this device you will be prompted to add them to start receiving alerts.