Viewing the Monitor Details

In both Push Alerts and Alert History tap on any alert to view the monitor that has triggered the alert.Screenshot_2015-09-11-16-26-47

You will see a chart showing your monitoring data for the chosen time range. You can tap on the line to see monitoring data for the selected point.Screenshot_2015-09-11-16-27-25

Below you can see monitoring stats for the shown time range: uptime percentage, total and average downtime, etc.

To exclude any location from the chart, toggle off the location’s name. The chart and the stats will be updated instantly.

You can also see two tabs under the chart.

Results – shows all monitoring check results in a tabular format.

Alerts – shows the alerts of the monitor.

Both Alerts and Results by default show the 5 most recent rows. Click View All in the bottom of the screen to see all monitoring results or all alerts for the chosen time range.

Note: Data under the Alerts tab is limited to 3 days. Data under the Results tab doesn’t have time limitation.

Both in Alerts and Results you can add/remove columns in the table by tapping on Columns and selecting/deselecting columns in the pop-over.


Note: in case added columns do not fit the screen, horizontal scroll will be added.