Managing Contacts

To manage your contacts, go to the Alerts menu and select Contacts.Alert


The Contacts window will open, where you can see all your contacts.Contacts_

Find the contact in the list of contacts, and click on the icon in the rightmost column to open the context menu.


To disable a contact from receiving alerts and reports, click Disable.

To enable a contact to receive alerts and reports again, click Enable.

To delete the contact, click Delete.

You can also assign a contact to a contact group. You can use contact groups as well as individual contacts when adding alert rules to your monitors (see “Adding Alert Rules” and “Managing Alert Rules“), so that if your monitor fails all the contacts in the group receive alerts.

To assign the contact to a contact group, click Group in the context menu and select the group(s) from the submenu.

Note: a contact can be assigned to more than one group.

To create new contact group, click Add New Group on the left pane of the Contacts window. Enter the name of the group and click outside the box. The new group will appear in the list of groups.

You can also delete, enable/disable or group more than one contact at once, by selecting the contacts, going to the Actions drop-down box and selecting Delete, Enable/Disable or Group from the list. The action will be applied to all selected contacts.

To edit the contact’s details, click Edit in the context menu of the contact. The Edit Contact window will open. Edit the contact’s details and click OK, or click Cancel if you do not want the changes to be saved.

To edit Alert Rules for the contact, click Alert Rules on the left pane of the Edit Contact window.

Or, in the Contacts window click the icon in the rightmost column to open the context menu and select Alert Rules.Editing_Alert_Rules_
The Alert Rules window will open, when you can see all Alert Rules for the selected contact.

Edit Alert Rules for the contact and click Close (see “Adding Alert Rules and Managing Alert Rules).