In Monitis new alerting model – Alerts 2.0 (see Introduction to Alerts 2.0) – alerting is based on thresholds defined in the monitor.

Thresholds denote the monitor’s health status. There are two severity level thresholds in Alerts 2.0:

  • Warning
  • Critical

You define conditions for the monitor of entering the Critical or Warning state when adding a new threshold to it. You can define more than one Critical or Warning threshold in a monitor.


Adding a Threshold

To add a new threshold, open the context menu in your monitor and select Thresholds.


The Thresholds tab in the Settings window will open.


Click Add Threshold.


The threshold condition is a composite parameter that consists of 2 parts: availability and performance, which are connected with logical OR.

Many of Monitis monitors have availability check. The major concept behind this is that a monitored object should be available for measurement at all before any performance measurement can be done on it.

Define the severity level for the new threshold by selecting “Warning” or “Critical” state from the combo box.

Select the number of consecutive checks that the condition must hold for the monitor to enter the selected state.

Select from the combo box the threshold condition. Depending on the monitor type, you will see up to 5 options there:

  • Result is error
  • Result is error or ANY metric matches the condition below
  • Result is error or ALL metrics match the condition below
  • ANY metric matches the condition below
  • ALL metrics match the condition below

As you can see, you can select for the threshold either the availability part only (“Result is error”), the performance part only (“ANY/ALL metrics match the condition below”), or both the availability and performance tied by a logical OR.

Now you need to define the metric condition. The metrics can be tied together by either logical AND or logical OR operators – you do that by selecting the “ANY metric” or “ALL metrics” in the combo box above. You cannot use both AND and OR to tie metrics in the metric condition.

Select the metric from the list, and specify the operator and the value (e.g. “Greater than 10”).

Click the “+” icon to add a new metric, or delete a metric with the “” sign. Maximum 11 metrics can be added.


Default Threshold for New Monitors

When you create a new monitor, by default a CRITICAL level threshold is added for it as follows:

  • Severity: CRITICAL
  • Number of consecutive checks: 1
  • Availability part: depending on the monitor type. E.g. for most of the Server/Device monitors there is no availability check, it is assumed that the monitor is always up provided that the agent is up and running on your server.
  • Performance metrics with default values: depending on monitor type, e.g. see it on the below shown screen for the CPU monitor. You can change the metrics values as you want there in the wizard when adding the monitor.


You can edit or delete this default threshold at any time.