Migration to Alerts 2.0 – Phase 2

Alert rules in your account will be migrated by Monitis to the new Alerts 2.0 alerting model.

Important: No alerting behavior that you have set up previously in your account will be altered. All the migrated alerts rules will keep functioning exactly as they were before.

In this Phase 2 of Monitis transition to the new alerting model, migration will be carried out for the following monitors:

– Server-Device monitors:

Migration of alert rules in your account will be done for the listed monitors in accordance with the rules described in this document. The migration rules are illustrated with examples to make them easier to understand. Please read them carefully to be prepared for the migration of your account to Alerts 2.0.

The following rules will apply when migrating the above listed monitors to Alerts 2.0:

Before the migration, in the current model:

  • The metric condition is set in the monitor’s threshold:


  • The number of times the threshold must be crossed consecutively to trigger alerting is set in the alert rule:image2


Upon migration to Alerts 2.0:

  • For each distinct number of consecutive failures, a threshold of WARNING or CRITICAL severity level is created in the monitor (see Thresholds).
    • The metric condition in the current threshold (consisting of the metrics, operators and values) will be moved to the newly created CRITICAL or WARNING threshold of the monitor to form the performance part of it.
    • The “Alert upon X failures” parameter’s value in the alert rule will be moved as is to the “Number of consecutive checks” parameter of the monitor’s new CRITICAL or WARNING threshold.
    • The monitor will enter CRITICAL or WARNING state anytime a respective severity level threshold is violated.

image3See Thresholds for more info.

  • Existing alert rules will be updated to be mapped to the monitor’s state (CRITICAL or WARNING). Alerting will be triggered whenever the monitor will enter the state set in the alert rule. If, for example, alert rule is mapped to the CRITICAL state of monitor the alert rule will trigger whenever any CRITICAL level threshold in the monitor is violated and the monitor enters the CRITICAL state.


  • In some cases the alert rule will be mapped not to the monitor’s state but to a certain threshold created in the monitor (see the screen below). You can change the alert rule from threshold based to monitor state based (CRITICAL or WARNING). Once changed to state based the alert rule can’t be rolled back to threshold based. Please refer to Changing Alert Rule’s Condition from Threshold based to State Based further in this document.

image5Detailed case-by-case explanations of the migration rules are provided below under Migration Rules.