Alert Rules in Alerts 2.0

In Alerts 2.0 (see Introduction to Alerts 2.0) alert rules are based on changes in the monitor’s state.

A monitor will enter CRITICAL or WARNING state whenever a threshold of the respective severity level (see Thresholds) defined in the monitor is violated.

Alerts will be sent to your specified contact(s) as soon as the monitor enters or recovers from a WARNING or CRITICAL state, depending on which state you have set it to be alerted upon in the alert rule.

Adding Alert Rule for Monitor

Open the monitor’s context menu.

Click Add Alert Rule.

The New Alert Rule window will open.

Select the contact(s) to send the alerts to. You can select an individual contact, contact group or all contacts.

Under Alert upon monitor’s condition changed to select the monitor’s state to trigger alerting for. Choose between Critical and Warning severity levels.

Check the Alert when fixed box if you want to receive recovery alert when your monitor recovers from failure.

Check the Receive continuous alerts box if you want to be alerted continuously until your monitor recovers.

Click Add Rule when done. The new alert rule will be added in the list.

Adding Alert Rule for Contact

You can also add an alert rule for contact, to alert the contact on failure of:

  • Any selected monitor
  • Any of monitors in the selected group
  • Any of monitors of the selected Agent,
  • Any Server-Device monitor

Go to the Alerts menu and select Contacts.

The Contacts window will open.

Open the context menu of the contact and select Alert Rules.

In the Edit Contact window click the Add Alert Rule button and select the monitor type that you want to set up the rule for.

The New Alert Rule window will open.
image012Select the monitor, monitor group or agent.

Select the monitor state to alert upon (CRITICAL or WARNING).
image013Click Add Rule. The new alert rule will be added in the list of alert rules for this contact.

Bulk Adding of Alert Rules from the Monitor List

You can also bulk add alert rules for multiple monitors.

Bulk adding of alert rules is available only for monitors of the same type (e.g. all monitors are Server-Device).

Go to the Monitors menu and select Monitor List.

The List of Monitors window will open.

Select monitors of the same type. On the sample screen below seven Server-Device monitors are selected.

Click the Actions dropdown menu.

Select Alert Rules.

A window will open where you can bulk add alert rules.

Select the contacts to send alerts to.

Select from the combo box the monitor state to alert upon.

Check the Overwrite existing rules box if you want to overwrite all the existing rules of the selected monitors with this new one.

Click Add Rule when done.