Alert Acknowledgement

Alert acknowledgement allows all contacts who have received the alert to be informed about the alert’s status and not perform the same action towards fixing the problem because of not knowing that someone else is already working on it.

When you acknowledge an alert, other people will know that you are taking ownership of the issue and avoid double work.

Alert acknowledgement is available also in Alerts 2.0 which is our new alerting model that Monitis is in the process of transitioning to (see Introduction to Alerts 2.0).

Note: throughout this document Alerts 2.0 screenshots are used.

Currently alert acknowledgement is available only via email. Alert acknowledgement via mobile (push notifications) is planned for an upcoming release.


Acknowledging an Alert from Email

An alert can be acknowledged if:

  • The alert rule that triggered the alert is set to alert a contact group which has at least two contacts in it.

A contact who receives the alert can acknowledge it right in the email by clicking the Acknowledge the Alert link in the email body.

When the alert acknowledgement link is clicked:

  • The alert acknowledgement status of the alert in the Alerts History will change from “Alerted” to “Acknowledged”.
  • An email containing the name of the contact who has acknowledged the alert along with the acknowledgement date/time will be sent to all contacts in the contact group except for the contact who has acknowledged the alert.

Alert-2-newIn case continuous alerting is set up in the alert rule (see Alert Rules) that has triggered the alert, all additional failure alerts after the acknowledged alert will be sent to any contact in the group with a note containing the name of the contact who has acknowledged the alert and the date/time.


  • A new browser tab will open with acknowledgement confirmation.

Alert 4

Clicking the Go to Dashboard button will open the dashboard login page, so that you can log in to your account, if e.g. you want to view the Alerts History.

If you have already acknowledged this alert, you will be informed about it and shown the acknowledgement date and time.
Alert 5If another contact has already acknowledged this alert, the name of the contact and acknowledgement date and time will be shown.

Alert Status Change in the Alerts History


The “Status” column in the Alerts History (see Alerts History) shows the acknowledgement status of the alert:

  • Alerted – if the alert has not been acknowledged yet.
  • Acknowledged – if the alert has been acknowledged.

If you clicked on the “Acknowledged” status it will show the contact who has acknowledged the alert and the acknowledgement date.

Alert History