Adding Contacts

To add a contact, go to the Alerts menu and select Contacts.

The Contacts window will open.Contac_Window_

To add a new contact, click the New Contact button. The New Contact window will open.


Enter the First and Last Name for the contact.

Select the contact type from the Contact Type drop-down list.

Enter contact details depending on the contact type selected:

– If you have selected Email as contact type, enter the email address.

Check the Use Plain Text Format box if you want this contact to receive reports as plain text, or leave it unchecked if you want them to be in HTML format.

Leave the Subscribe to Newsletter  box checked if you want this contact to receive Monitis marketing newsletters.

Click on  Delivery Settings  if you want this contact to receive reports by email (see Reports). You can also select the reports that you want this contact to receive from the list of existing reports, or create new ones by clicking Configure to open the Email Reports dialog window.

Note: you can also open the Periodic Email Reports window from the Reports menu, by selecting Reports->Email->Periodic.

– If you have selected SMS, Phone Call or SMS & Call as contact type, enter the country code and phone number for the contact.- If you have selected IM as contact type, select IM messaging service from the IM Type combo box (currently, we support ICQ and Google Talk), and provide the IM contact in the IM field.- If you have selected Twitter, provide the Twitter contact in the Account field.

– If you have selected URL as the contact type, enter the URL that you want alerts received to be posted to.

Note: for IM, Twitter and URL contact types you need to accomplish the steps described under Confirming a Contact before adding the contact in your Monitis account.

For any contact type, you can select contact group for the contact from the Contact Group combo box. You can assign the contact to an existing contact group, or create a new contact group for it by clicking on the “+” icon.

Note: Contact groups allow you configuring sending alerts to a group of contacts when setting up alert rules for your monitors (see Adding Alert Rules).

Select time zone from the Timezone combo box. Alerts received by this contact will show time as per the selected time zone (see About Alerts).

For any contact type selected, uncheck the Enable Sensitive Alerting box if you would like this contact not to be alerted in case the problem recovers within 70 sec. In this case, the system will hold sending the problem alert for 70 sec. If the problem recovers within 70 sec, no problem alert will be sent. If the problem doesn’t recover within 70 sec, the problem alert will be sent. If you do not want to exclude alerting for problems lasting less than 70 sec for this contact, leave the box checked to receive alerts for all problems.

Click Next when finished.

The Alert Rules tab will open in the same window.Adding_Contact_SS_N5

– Choose Custom Configuration (Advanced) if you would like to configure manually Alert Rule(s) for this contact.

– Choose Don’t Receive Alerts if you don’t want any alerts to be sent to this contact.

See Adding Alert Rules and Managing Alert Rules for detailed explanations on how to set up and manage Alert Rules.

Click OK when finished.

The added contact will now be shown in the Contacts window.

Confirming a Contact

The added email, SMS, Phone Call and SMS & Call contacts need to be confirmed before alerts can be received.

For IM contacts, you need to add Monitis contacts to your IM contact list, and for Twitter contacts you need to follow Monitis contacts on Twitter to receive your monitoring alerts.

For URL call-back, you need to make an API call to enable receiving URL call-backs.

Follow the instructions below to confirm and set up contacts of different types:

  • Email:  Confirmation link will be sent to the email address of the contact. Click on the link to confirm the contact.
  • SMS: SMS message will be sent to the phone number with the activation code.
  • Phone Call: you will receive a phone call telling you the activation code.
  • SMS & Call:  You will receive the activation code both via SMS and phone call.


After you get the activation code, go to the Alerts menu and select Contacts.  Find the contact in the list of contacts, click on the icon in the rightmost column to open the context menu, and select Edit.

A window will open showing details for the selected contact.Conformation_code

Click Enter the confirmation code. The Contact Confirmation window will pop-up.

Input the activation code and click Save to confirm the contact.

Note: for IM and Twitter contacts you need to accomplish the above described steps before you add the contact in Monitis dashboard.
  • URL:   After you add the contact, an HTTP GET request will be sent to your URL with confirmation parameters in JSON format (({“contactId”:<contactId>,”confirmationCode”:”<code>”}). Please handle the query parameter data for this URL to extract the Contact ID and Confirmation Code. Then confirm your URL by making an APIcall to in order to enable receiving URL call-backs with alerts.

If the contact has not been confirmed yet, you will see a yellow triangle icon next to the contact name in the Contacts window.

Click Resend Confirmation in the context menu if you would like to resend confirmation message to the contact.

Click the yellow triangle icon. The Contact Confirmation pop-up window will open, with instructions for contact confirmation.

E.g. for Phone and SMS contact types you will be prompted to enter the confirmation code to confirm the contact.


And e.g. for Email contact type, you will be asked to check your email for the confirmation link. You can also click the Re-send button and the confirmation link will be re-sent to you.


Follow the instructions for different contact types to confirm the contact.

Note: in case you are having problems with confirming a contact, you can contact Monitis Representative to confirm the contact for you in the system.

You will also be prompted to open the Contacts window every time you login to your Monitis dashboard if you have unconfirmed contact(s).

Unconfirmed Contact

To confirm the contact, click Yes and follow the steps above to confirm the contact.