About Alert Rules

Alert Rules define rules that trigger sending failure and recovery alerts for your monitors, as well as which contact(s) are to be notified of these events.

When a monitor fails (see Possible NOK Events for Different Monitor Types), it doesn’t by itself result in sending problem alert. Problem alert is sent when the alert rule assigned to the monitor is violated.

In the same way, recovery of the monitor doesn’t by itself result in sending recovery alert: the recovery alert will be sent when the assigned alert rule is recovered.

Alert rules can be configured:

  • Both for contacts and monitors.
  • For individual monitors, as well as in bulk for multiple monitors at once.
  • Tiered to create escalation paths. You can configure alerts to be sent to different contacts depending on their roles, with different alert rules so that if e.g. afailure scales up alerts are sent up the escalation path to your specified contacts. For example, if an external monitor fails one time from one location, an alert is sent to a contact, and another contact will receive alert only after this monitor fails two times from two locations.
  • To be sent to any contact, contact groups or all contacts.
  • To be sent on 24/7 basis, or limited to specific day/hour ranges to account for after hours teams.